Wanting to add to the revitalization of our 'hood near downtown San Antonio, we undertook the project of all projects. It was at one time, and will be again, The Jewel of the Neighborhood. But we all know those beautiful diamonds start off as coal.(Oh, and we're on the 5 year plan - make that 10 year plan)

07 February 2017

Current state of addition

1st floor "party room"

1st floor, showing electrical and HVAC.
That "box" needs to go. Next to the stair
landing will be a door to the bathroom

2nd floor, bedroom, windows facing north. Sheetrock on ceiling was a mistake. Should be shiplap.

2nd floor, looking from bedroom into closets 
2nd floor, new bathroom,
tile for shower walls. Multiple patterns. 

2nd floor from bedroom looking into bathroom
full plan, showing 1st floor layout

2nd floor plans

1st floor bathroom in original house, to be redone

1st floor bathroom (in original house),
tile for shower wall. 4 different tiles

1st floor tile pattern, satillo.

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